About us



2002 was not like any other year


In it, the cornerstone of our company was laid and our dream became a tangible reality, and the startup was from the country of the Levant, especially Damascus.


We specialize in everything related to the dress and modest dress of the Muslim woman... in a contemporary way that suits her lifestyle.


In 2012, we took Istanbul as our main center and became one of the best leading companies in the field of production for Islamic veiling and the needs of Muslim women.


Thanks to our outstanding production line, our company has been able to deliver its goods to most Arab and European countries after more than eighteen years. International standards.


We work hard to study and analyze market needs and always try to upgrade and expand our scope to include the largest number of customers and to cover our services all over the world.


In the online shopping market that opens to the world, we are working to deliver the best quality product at the most affordable price to thousands of our members, wherever they are.


With the experience gained from production, we aim to continue to bring the highest quality products to our customers in retail, wholesale and online.


It is possible to contact us by calling altobeh phone number, sending an e-mail to the support e-mail address, or using the Whatsapp contact and order line. altobeh shopping,


You can contact us by using altobeh contact information to get information about change, cancellation and return processes or to ask any question on your mind.






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