Rubber Bonnet - Dark Latte
Rubber Bonnet - Dark Latte
Rubber Bonnet - Dark Latte
Rubber Bonnet - Dark Latte

Instant Practical Fitted Elastic Hijab Bonnet - Dark Latte (T323-B33)

Price : $3.50
Vat included : $3.50


  • We offer a series that is suitable for Islamic women's clothing, offering different combinations with different color options suitable for their style, for our customers who want to capture elegance together with its new style design and quality fabric.
  • Made of natural fibers, it is useful and comfortable with its soft texture. It has a high moisture holding capacity.
  • Thanks to its flexible structure, it is wrinkle resistant and breathable.
  • It is ready-to-fit and you can wear it directly on your head.
  • It is highly preferred with its solid stance and draped structure.
  • It has a structure that allows you to move comfortably during the day that you can easily use in all your combinations.
  • It is suitable for frequent and long-term use with its non-weight fabric feature. It is the proper product for you.
  • It is suitable for use in four seasons.
  • Does not slip or make you sweat, does not require ironing.
  • Returns are only available for products that have not been used directly on hair due to hygiene conditions.
  • Product and product photos belong to our company,for that, you will receive exactly the product you are seeing in the photo.
  • There may be a slight color difference caused by some factors during product shooting.

Fabric Type: Made of 94% Viscose and 6% Lycra Fabric.
Size: Standard
Washing instructions: Machine wash on the most delicate program. Lay dry and iron on low heat.

Our products are our own production. 100% DOMESTIC PRODUCTION

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