Düz Bone-Eşarp - Koyu Vizon
Düz Bone-Eşarp - Koyu Vizon
Düz Bone-Eşarp - Koyu Vizon
Düz Bone-Eşarp - Koyu Vizon

Instant Practical Snap-On long Hijab Bonnet - Dark mink (T150-B28)

Price : $3.50
Vat included : $3.50


  • We offer a series of different color options of our product, you can use in all aspects of life, you will get the feeling of comfort and elegance together.
  • Made of natural fibers, it is useful and comfortable with its soft texture. It has a high moisture holding capacity.
  • Thanks to its flexible structure, it is wrinkle resistant and breathable.
  • It is ready-to-fit and you can wear it directly on your head.
  • It is highly preferred with its solid stance and draped structure.
  • It has a structure that allows you to move comfortably during the day that you can easily use in all your combinations.
  • It is suitable for frequent and long-term use with its non-weight fabric feature. It is the proper product for you.
  • It is suitable for use in four seasons.
  • Does not slip or make you sweat, does not require ironing.
  • Returns are only available for products that have not been used directly on hair due to hygiene conditions.
  • Product and product photos belong to our company,for that, you will receive exactly the product you are seeing in the photo.
  • Light etc. during product shooting. There may be a slight color difference caused by factors.

Fabric Type: It is made of 94% Viscose and 6% Lycra Fabric.
Size: Standard
Washing instructions: Machine wash on the most delicate program. Lay dry and iron on low heat.

Our products are our own production. 100% DOMESTIC PRODUCTION

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