Stripe viscose Scarf-Mink
Stripe viscose Scarf-Mink
Stripe viscose Scarf-Mink
Stripe viscose Scarf-Mink
Stripe viscose Scarf-Mink
Stripe viscose Scarf-Mink

Stripe viscose Scarf-Mink (1213-25)

Price : $11.50


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  • You can use this product with every combination thanks to its color options and it allows you to move comfortably during the day, all that because of its cotton viscose blended soft texture and ideal lycra ratio.
  • Its dimensions have been created in a way that you can use most comfortably.
  • It is designed to be suitable for all types of tying, so it allow you get multiple amazing lookings.
  • You can use it all day long thanks to its light weight structure.
  • It takes shape easily, stands firm, does not slip, wrinkle resistant.
  • It is suitable for use in all seasons.
  • It doesn't make you sweet.
  • 100% combed, can be used without needles and caps.
  • Thanks to its practical structure, you can create different models in one step.
  • It completes both your sports and classic combinations with its rich appearance of natural texture.
  • Returns are only available for products that have not been used directly on hair due to hygiene conditions.
  • Product and product photos belong to our company,for that, you will receive exactly the product you are seeing in the photo.
  • There may be a slight color difference caused by some factors during product shooting.

Fabric Type: Viscose
Size: 70 x 180 cm
Washing instructions: Machine wash on the most delicate program. Lay dry and iron on low heat.

Our products are our own production. 100% DOMESTIC PRODUCTION

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